by jg on May 22, 2012
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How to install wordpress on

I'm just using for my new wordpress blog.
Since Fantastico script installer works well, It was really easy to install Wordpress CMS tool indeed. Actually you can install and use many other tools such as a wiki, zoomla, drupal, moodle, and so on very easily.

My problem was that I bought my domain at and I've already used Google Apps for my personal email, calendar, and docs(drive) with the domain.

Here is a step by step course for similar situation.

If you just want to install Wordpress on , STEP 1 and 5 to 7 will be fine.
You've not started any step yet. Just try now!
  1. Step 1 Change nameserver at your Domain hosting site to install wordpress on
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    If you are in my situation (Other domain hosting for Google Apps), follow STEPs from 2.

    If not, go to your domain hosting site, access your cPanel or DNS manager, and then change nameserver as followings.
    Primary DNS domain nameserver: NS1.WEBHOSTINGPAD.COM
    Secondary DNS domain nameserver: NS2.WEBHOSTINGPAD.COM
    And then, go to STEP 5.

    Further information:
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  2. Step 2 Find your IP address for
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    Login to and then go to cPanel Login.

    After login for cPanel,
    click 'expand stats' at left sidebar menu.
    You can see 'Shared IP Address '. Remember this IP address.
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  3. Step 3 Log in to Domain hosting site (in my case, and launch DNS manager.
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    After login
    select proper domain among your domains and then launch DNS manager (cPanel).

    You must be able to add/edit 'A Host'.

    Note: If you already set values for Google Apps, you don't need to touch any CNAME, MX, TXT, NS(Nameserver) settings.
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  4. Step 4 Add some 'A Host' for your Wordpress blog.
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    Add some host.

    I added three host for my own purpose, and edit one host.

    Host Points to
    @ IP from STEP 2
    wiki IP from STEP 2
    ftp IP from STEP 2
    www IP from STEP 2

    If a host for CNAME is already taken, you may delete one of two.

    Don't forget 'Save'.
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  5. Step 5 In cPanel for, find wordpress.
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    Find 'wordpress' at your cPanel's 'find' feature and you can see a script for Wordpress from 'Softaculous Apps Installer'

    Scripts include many other tools. In here, we'll install Wordpress.

    Click Wordpress icon.
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  6. Step 6 Click Install button to set up Wordpress on
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    Click install button and fill up Software Setup.

    Note: Parenthesis is my setting.

    Choose Protocol (http://www.)
    Choose Domain (my own domain)
    In Directory (empty) <-- empty means blank. If you like 'http://www.yourdomain/wp' default is fine.
    Database Name <-- default
    Table Prefix <-- default
    Site Name <-- default (You can change it later)
    Site Description <-- default (You can change it later)
    Admin Username <-- as you want.
    Admin Password <-- default (You can change it later)
    Admin Email <-- as you want
    Select Language <-- as you want

    Click install button! In my case, it took less than 10 sec.

    Wordpress is done.
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  7. Step 7 In cPanel for, find Redirects.
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    So far, only http://www.yourdomain will work well for your Wordpress blog.
    In order to redirect http://yourdomain to http://www.yourdomin, we need to do some more.

    Select 'Type' as 'Permanent'.
    Select your domain you redirect.
    Write down 'http://www.yourdomain' into 'redirects to'
    Check 'Do Not Redirect www.' radio box.

    Click 'Add' button.

    All done.
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